Our Services


Although we are not limited to just our own clients, we have expanded our services to include not only the recycling of metals but we have explored other recycling entities, including dismantling services.

All of Superior Metal Company trucks and equipment have two way radio operated system which allows us to keep a complete tracking system on all drivers and keep in communication with them at all times. We are able to dispatch our trucks to certain locations throughout the Southern California Area and are able to cover more territory because of this system.

Superior Metal Company’s representatives are sent out into the Industrial community and they are in full communication with that industry on a daily basis.

Our expertise in handling all alloys and give assay reports of the integrity of those alloys and their value are handled by one of our representatives and our clients can be assured that they will get the most for their Metals.

Superior Metal Company ships approximately 10,000 tons of steel per month, with ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys; all of the metal alloys are processed, separated, categorized and prepared to be shipped domestically as well as internationally.

Superior Metal Company unlike our competitors in the recycling Industry accommodates our clients with a complete desire to recycle all recyclable items, including, but not limited to obsolete machinery, equipment, oversized motors, and all tanks of various sizes.

Superior Metal Company not only handles the recycling end of this business but also we are constantly involved the in the dismantling service.

Superior Metal Company has developed a proficient and expedient procedure in the dismantling area. We give you a time frame from Start to finish of all projects we undertake.

Superior Metal Company offers the industrial community a variety of containers to choose from for their recycling needs. We are completely license and bonded to perform any project at hand.

We give estimates on our dismantling services that require experience, know-how, and competitive prices for the work to be done in an expedient safe manner.